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Bitcoins offer a unique method of a digital form pf payment. Trusted websites to buy bitcoin with paypal there are quite a lot of benefits of using this form of payment for transactions; however, as it is still in its starting stage and is untested, people all over the world are not yet completely comfortable using bitcoin as a form of payment. Maybe once every one gets educated about the advantages of using bitcoin as a form of payment, it will become more popular.


Here are some of the advantages of paying with bitcoins:

  1. Users can enjoy privacy and user anonymity, as his transactions and purchases cannot be traced back to him. The user’s bitcoin address is the only thing that will be visible, but none of his personal information would be visible to anyone.
  2. Users paying with bitcoin will not be subject to any sales tax, due to the anonymity of it. No third parties can track or intercept with the transactions of users using bitcoins.
  3. Typical wire transfers and foreign purchases involve a lot of exchange costs and fees. However, since bitcoin is a decentralized system of digital payments with no government interception, the fees of using bitcoin as a payment system is extremely nominal or low.
  4. Bitcoin transactions usually take place very fast, within 10 minutes, as there is no wait period and traditional authorizations required.
  5. Another major advantage of paying with bitcoins is that it is a global currency. This means that any person, from any part of the world, can send bitcoins to another person at any time of the day, seamlessly.
  6. Bitcoin users can pay or make transactions via their mobile phones, tablets and computers. There is no need to visit a bank in order to make transactions.
  7. Safety and security is ensured for the users’ money, as the user can back up and encrypt his bitcoins money.
  8. Bitcoins cannot be stolen, unlike physical money, or even money from bank accounts. Since it is only possible to give ownership of your bitcoins to other users using your own authentication and verification, it is not possible for anyone to steal ownership of your bitcoins. This makes your bitcoins very safe in your bitcoin wallet.
  9. There can be no risk when receiving bitcoins. This is ensured, as ownership of bitcoins can only be transferred from one user to another by the owner of the bitcoins himself. Once the ownership is transferred, only the new owner can transfer his bitcoins using a private key. This ensures that there is no charge backs.
  10. Bitcoin users have the freedom to do absolutely anything that they wish to with their bitcoins. Since there is no third party intervention allowed by bitcoins, the government, or anyone else will not be able to freeze someone else’s assets. No one will be able to seize a bitcoins users assets, which can be done when using traditional forms of payment such as a bank account.

These are some of the major advantages of paying with bitcoins. So get started on your bitcoin account to enjoy your advantages!